Guy Martin, TV presenter, multiple World record holder and motorbike racer this morning has set off attempting to set a new record for the shortest time taken to cycle round the British coastline.

So why am I talking about something you can read about in the media?

Well, I have done the same journey that Guy is attempting.

He is aiming to average 250 miles per day.  I averaged 249 miles per day.

But, there’s a big difference…

I rode a motorbike to become the first woman to motorcycle solo round the British coastline.  Guy is cycling and using his own power to turn the pedals, revolution after endless revolution.

And of course, Guy has set numerous World records.

What’s fascinating is Guy’s remarkable fortitude and attitude.

Earlier in 2016 he attempted to break the existing World record of 47 hours for cycling 341 miles across the Taklamakan desert in China.

Guy smashed the record, completing the ride in 28 hours and 17 minutes across the “desert of death”.  He rode his 2 gear push bike he uses to cycle to work in Grimsby!

Yes, that’s right, he shipped his own bike half way across the World.  Guy had no fancy gear and no fancy bike.  What he had in abundance was a can do attitude and the ability to learn from his past – a growth mindset.

And, it’s the same with business.  People who “get” what business is about create successful businesses with a set of key strategies that I call “essential business basics”.  They reap the rewards of their well thought out, strategies, put the plan in place and just like Guy, take the continuous action they need to get them to the finish line in record time.

People who don’t have the deep knowing of business turn to the equivalent of high tecj, multi-speed bikes and still fall short.

Guy is like so many successful business people… talented and unstoppable.

Have you decided to become unstoppable?  I share my business, personal productivity and millionaire mindset strategies with people running service-based businesses.  Each and every strategy edges you closer to the finish line.  You can discover more here.