Growth Gears

Growth Gears are a proven step by step approach to growing your business.  No long hours in front of a computer.  You incorporate the Gears into your day to day working life to see your business grow.

Now, when I say grow, what do I mean?

The strategies included in Growth Gears have been responsible for more than doubling the revenue of hundreds and hundreds of businesses. When you know these strategies you can keep using them to take your business up to levels you've only ever dreamed of.

Growth Gears gives you the opportunity to codify and grow whilst continuing to make a difference to your clients lives.


Starting in neutral, first we'll look at where you are, clear the clutter and prepare for getting your goals.

Growth Gear 1 - Creates a Self Perpetuating Sales System

When you use a brain friendly system you can grow your business when you want more clients.  If you have enough clients, don't ask.  When you want more clients turn the system on and ask.

92% of people trust a recommendation, yet only 8% of traditional advertising captures new business.

Using Growth Gear 1 of a self perpetuating sales system is precise and uses powerful psychology to give you the results you want.

Growth Gear 2 - Increases Market Share & Turnover

Hidden from view, yet available to every business owner is latent and hidden value.  Growth Gear 2 increases your market share and improves your turnover.  Every business has overlooked opportunities that deliver enormous new business and profit opportunities.

You may well ask yourself why you haven't done this before.  The answer is simple... you've been looking elsewhere for new business opportunities.

Growth Gear 2 gives you a system to unlock the hidden value.

Growth Gear 3 - Increases Profits as You Charge Your True Worth

One of the toughest questions to answer in business is "how much should I charge?"

Gear 3 gives you courage and confidence to charge your true worth without worrying about losing any clients.  You'll discover the art and science of this critical aspect of running a business resulting in greater demand for your services, more profit and happier clients.

Growth Gear 4 - Attracts More High End Clients

Your current clients all know how good you are and the value you give them.  They'd be lost without you.

How do people who don't know you know how good you are?  Gear 4 gives you a straightforward strategy that answers that question and brings you more high end clients.

You'll discover how to feel fabulous, courageous and confident as you become remarkable and re-position you and your brand as the go to person for your new clients.

Growth Gear 5 - Creates More Free & Personal Time

Break through to the next level when you discover the trilogy of Mindset, Business Essentials and Personal Productivity to give you the edge you've been looking for in your business.

When you use Growth Gear 5 you will create more free time for you!

Growth Gear 6 - Achieves Every Strategy or Goal

Whether you have specific business or personal goals using Gear 6 will ensure you achieve your goals every time.

This is not about setting goals, it's about getting your goals when you want them.  No more wishing or hoping.  You will have the system which incorporates mindset and, heartset strategies with your business.  If you've set your business goal you'll discover a little known brain friendly strategy that delivers your goals, on time, every time.

Goal Getting gives you clarity and plans so you know your steps will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Working The Gears

We'll work together over 12 weeks implementing each gear into your business.

At the start of our journey we'll look at where you are and where you want to be.

Then in each session you'll discover how to use the next gear to grow your business.  The gears work with all your existing marketing and client delivery systems, so you will receive bespoke business development and growth strategies built around the Growth Gears framework.

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