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Ninety-One years ago Professor Santiago Ramon Y Cajal believed the adult brain and nerve pathways were fixed and immutable.

Recent research reveals growth of new brain cells takes place all the time, especially in areas such as the hippocampus.

Now, the question on many business people’s lips is “how can we have a healthy brain and a successful business?”

Here are 3 ways you can help your brain so you can stay focused on your business:

1.  Eat Chocolate!

… but it has to have at least 75% cacao and be as pure and unrefined as possible maintaining the phenylethylamine (PEA) which is responsible for increasing alertness and improving feelings of well-being.

No wonder the cacao bean was revered by the Mayans and Aztecs.

Remember each time you nibble a piece of dark, delicious chocolate that the scientific name of the cacao bean “theobroma cacao” means food of the gods.

2.  Chew Gum

Research in Australia in 2002 found gum-chewers performed an average of 30% higher than none gum-chewers on tests involving memory recall.

Why? Because chewing increases neural activity in the hippocampus – an important area for memory; chewing increases heart rate which increases blood flow to the brain which increases memory; chewing helps relieve anxiety, improves alertness and reduces stress.  Stress reduction improves cognitive function.

3.  Breath

Watch a child breathe.  Breathing happens naturally.  The belly, the reservoir of breath, rises and falls as air is taken in, oxygenates and is effortlessly expelled from the system.  The chest is completely unaffected.

Yet, as adults we’ve learned how to breath unnaturally from the chest and more and more stress accumulates.

Practice rooting your breath in your lower abdomen, feel your diaphragm rise and fall.  Relaxed breathing helps enhance your physical and emotional well-being rather than just keeping you alive.

If you are curious about boosting your brain and developing your business you can discover more at one of my events or contact me for a tailormade solution.