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Have you unwittingly programmed your brain, your mind and your body to resist change?

What happens to your New Year’s resolutions?

Let’s face it thinking and change is hard!  But what happens if we purposefully create what we want, make it a habit so then we don’t have to think about it again?  In 1911 mathematician Alfred North Whitehead postulated that life is a series of processes and processes can work against each other, or they can work well together.

Many years later, neuroscientists coined the phrase Habit Stacking which is attaching a new habit to an existing habit to make it sustainable.  If you want to change your own habits, or a habit of a team member, remember my formula:

Success = (C+P+E)

First get absolutely Clear about what you want to achieve.  Create a Plan – in this case habit stacking, then Execute.  You’ll be amazed how quickly you can make changes stick.

To help you thrive when change is hard here are 5 Keys to Change:

But first, be kind to yourself, because about 95% of day-to-day actions are habitual.

🗝️ Be ultra precise and specific about what you want to change

🗝️ Make one small change at a time

🗝️ Don’t bite off more than you can chew (or commit to)

🗝️ What we resist persists (think pinging emails – you’ve just got to look at notifications!)

🗝️ Watch out for competing commitments

Most of us tend to overvalue our own willpower and forget that our self-control is really weak. 

To make changes stick we have to rely on our prefrontal cortex to regulate our thoughts and actions as well as communicating effectively with the more primitive parts of our brain.

When the primitive parts of our brain are happy and not under threat, less energy is required and new habits become ritualised, routinised and create a new rationale.

Change can happen in an instant, but on the other hand it can be hard.  Having someone to be accountable to during the early stages of change is really beneficial and accelerates your speed of success.  Accountability is on offer to all my clients, so if you want a helping hand to change and thrive, just get it touch and I’ll be here for you too.

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