Have you ever been to a market?
I’m sure you have.
Perhaps your local market in your home town.  Maybe a marketplace in a hot, foreign land where the unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells assault your senses.
Every market in every town around the World conforms to one thing… structure.
And for a good reason…
So the customers know where to find their bread, fruit or have their shoes mended.
Within each section there is more structure, but now it is subtle.
The structure that sets apart the good from great.
The structure has three aspects:
Visibility.  Credibility.  Value for Money.
As the vendors write their price signs and shout their daily offers to the crowds of shoppers they are conforming to the structure.  First they must be seen, then show they know their onions and it’s a good deal for the customer.
You may not be sitting plying your wares in the local market – you probably have a web site or visit networking groups.
Wherever you go to share your knowledge, skills and experience you are visible.  Make sure you are in the right place to attract your ideal client.  Next demonstrate your credibility based on what your prospective clients are looking for and show you deliver value for money.