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There is no escaping the reality that we live in a throw away society.

Discarded bottles, plastics, tins, clothes litter our Earth.

Many have little thought for the growing pile of discards.

People want it faster.  They want the instant gratitude.

Yet consistent steadiness often wins the day.  Great things take time to come to fruition.

But what about discarded ideas?  Where do you and your team put those?

Do you have a neat “discarded ideas pile”?  Or do you throw them back in to the bag with all the other possible ideas.

Think of it this way…

What would happen if you had a big bag of sweeties and you put the wrappers back in the bag?  The more wrappers you put back in the bag the harder it becomes to find a sweetie.

Far better to have a separate pile of discarded wrappers.  Then you can be 100% sure when you dip your hand in the bag you’ll pull out another sweetie!

Same with ideas.

What ideas do you have floating around your mind?  Pull them out.  Look at them from every angle.

Which one of the three piles to they go in?  Absolutely no.  Maybe – needs more thought.  Yes.

I’ll leave you to ponder…

Good ideas that don’t see the light of day could be costing your business many thousands of pounds.  But what price discarded rubbish?  This man’s idea and 112 week project touched my heart… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtGsdiYdObQ