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Listen, it seems to me that dreams come easier the more money we have.  I’ve discovered that from watching hundreds of people running successful businesses.

“Money attracts money” so the old saying goes.

And, as business owners we are lucky, we have a choice. We can choose to sell more and serve more people. And that means we receive more money. Obvious I know!

Sell more, make more. Easy to say, maybe not quite so simple to do.

And that’s because of this twenty million pound question… “How?”

By give more people the opportunity to choose to say “yes” to what you’re selling.

And, you know because of the digital times we are living in, reaching more people couldn’t be easier.

We literally have millions of people at our finger tips. Computers, World Wide Web, emails, social media make reaching people happen at the press of a button.

So, what’s getting in your way?

100% of people in a recent survey told me running a business sometimes feels overwhelming. Simply, they had too much to do and not enough time to do it.

And for everyone, the one fortune changing action got pushed to the bottom of the “to do” list. To be done some time later.

Of course, I’m talking about advertising, marketing and selling. And I know if that’s not your specialism it can be so overwhelming.

It’s the relentless daily task of showcasing your products and services to your ideal clients and customers! But the simple fact is… advertising, marketing and selling grows businesses.

It doesn’t feel natural… I get that!

But, we have the wonderful world at our finger tips. We have access to remarkable social media tools. Using them and following promises of reaching millions of people seems easy and the most obvious step to take.

Did you know, over 79% of adults who use a computer access Facebook daily? They write posts, like and share.  It definitely seems a rich place to hang out.
If your ideal client isn’t a Facebook user checkout other popular sites – LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… and the list goes on.
But social media comes with a warning…
It can capture you!
And escaping its multi-tentacle grasp can take hours!
Sadly, most hostages under siege forget to ask this important question…
“How much extra money am I earning from spending my precious time on social media?”
When people get caught up in the fancy measurements of
likes, retweets and shares they get a great boost to their ego. But those metrics and measurements are not enough to grow your business.
And I shriek with laughter, in the most unladylike way, when I hear
somebody say they are focused at the moment on getting “likes”
and “shares”!
Likes, retweets and shares don’t pay the bills. Blunt but true.
Money in the bank is the real world measure of how successful we are in business.
I’m a closet geek! I love the wonderful tools of digital marketing and
social media. But I always remember they are tools to help me do my
They are most powerful when they are used tactically to deliver on your client attraction strategy. They take people purposefully on a journey step by step through your sales process. The destination is always the result – a sale that takes place off the social media platform.
Social media really is an easy way to start communicating
with your ideal clients. Maybe consider connecting through groups and the tactical use of your own timeline.

And it’s your ideal clients that will click with you and become your loyal clients. And you will want to help those people even more, solve more of their problems. And they will be delighted you can help them.

That means, your best social media strategies are when your system is producing repeatable results and sales for you.

I’m obsessed with results and sales…It’s the bottom line that’s really, really important.

And I’m reminded of a quote from the grandfather of the modern advertising era, Raymond Rubicam. Nearly 100 years ago he said “The only purpose of advertising is to sell. It has no other function worth mentioning.”

And those words are still true today. The principles of good marketing and advertising are timeless.

Facebook and social media are part of your toolkit for your advertising. They are powerful and can bring you a stream of your ideal clients and customers if you’ll allow them to.

Use those powerful tools to grow your business.

And if the tools seem overwhelming, that’s okay.

Tell me what bothers you the most. Simply send me a quick email about your three scariest social media nightmares and I’ll help you.

I’ll sooth your tattered nerves, I’ll help melt away your overwhelm and I’ll answer your questions.

What if my answers help free you from the monsters’ multi-tentacle grasp and give you a few more quid in your bank vault?…

Go on; just ask me…