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How People Feel Determines Business Performance

    How do we improve people’s mental health, maintain or reduce well-being spend and build a growing business?

    We take a dual approach – inside out and outside in. 

    Teaching people how to be mindful stops stress in the here and now.  This builds people’s adaptation energy so they are better able to handle unseen demands or changes in expectations.  

    Secondly become strategic about what causes stress and implement the root cause solution so people reduce regular stressor situations.

    Workshops & Training

    Integrating well-being into operational performance, business strategy, education and a values-driven supply chain embeds in-the-moment feelings of well-being and reduces stress.

    Well-being isn’t something you go and do, it is how you feel.

    Discover a proactive, self-care approach that empowers people to feel good, think good and do good.  


    Practical applications of mindfulness in the workplace.  Learn how to:

    Stay focused on a task without the mind being distracted.

    Develop present moment awareness. 

    Recognise and change unhelpful patterns and how to choose more helpful thoughts. 

    Identify and maintain peak performance and energy levels.

    Find a sense of calm in the midst of stressful or emotionally-challenging situations.

    Training is practical and participants can use learned self-care skills beyond the session.

    Session length from 1 hour to 1 day and includes follow up


    Strategic High Performance

    Strategic approach to long-term well-being and high performance results.

    Based on the fact that people experiencing mental exhaustion, unhappiness, worry or pain cannot consistently deliver excellent results.

    Learn how to take an inside-out approach to optimising human and business performance.

    This is a deep dive into the ultimate fusion of neuro-psychology and operational performance that delivers extra-ordinary, transformational and long-lasting results.

    Session length 1/2 or full day.


    Employee Self-Care

    Move from Team Stress to Team Bliss.

    Training to teach employees an approach to long-term well-being and high performance.

    Personal skills adapted for the workplace  so employees develop skills to improve focus, stay calm, reduce anxiety, improve energy, get deeper sleep and get better at life.

    Learn how to get rid of the “now” stress with mindfulness, melt away stress accumulated in your nervous system stress with meditation.

    The aim of the session is to give employees skills to uplevel performance and personal resilience thus reducing sickness absence.

    Session length from 2 hours to 1/2 day.



    What Others Say

    We are a highly successful tech-based company working at the cutting edge of innovation.  We pride ourselves on customer service and have always cared well for our employees.  Something changed in our customer support team.  We found we were working harder to deliver the same level of customer care.  As the CEO I brought in the best business brains to provide the solution.  The improvements were marginal. 

    I was introduced to Gail and her words stopped me in my tracks.  She had a deep sense of knowing.  She was deeply caring, yet direct and confident.  I hired her as my adviser on the spot.  I made the right decision.  She transformed my team.  I do not say that with any degree of flippancy.  People were more content, and more productive, customers were happier with the service and attention, sales increased and obviously retained revenue significantly increased.  Gail is a modern-day wonder. 



    We cannot live well unless we work well and we cannot work well unless we live well.