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What area of your life do you want to improve?

What results do you want to produce?

My coaching programmes are designed to transform you from where you are to where you want to be.  From functional – often a highly-functional level – to an extraordinary one.

Working with me you will experience shifts in your way of being, you’ll discover the impact of your deep feelings on your results.  Using my deep-dive inside-out ontological coaching approach you’ll experience lasting shifts enabling you to become a more confident and powerful observer of yourself and how you can purposefully engage in the world, creating a life you love.

Listening deeply to my clients reveals what you have been blocked by and blind to that has kept you stuck.  I offer multi-faceted coaching that would not normally be considered.  This approach enables me to deliver unprecedented results that far exceed client expectations, which creates a sense of freedom from limiting beliefs and constraints.  

My coaching is fused with mentoring – not just telling clients what to do, or giving tools and tips – but working at the how-to solution level that quickly unblocks creating the drive and energy for actions that cause real breakthroughs. 

My coaching supports clients to find the edges of themselves, explore them and breakthrough to self discover, self mastery and the success they desire.  Breakthroughs always happen at the edge.

I focus on you having visceral clarity and unstoppable confidence in yourself.  To have a vision with a clear sense of purpose and meaning.  To have a Master Action Plan and Roadmap to get you there, become a remarkable leader and operate on the highest, sustainably optimised level of performance possible.  Above all, my deepest desire is for you to be happy, healthy and wealthy in your life – all at the same time.

Every client is different, which means I work differently with everyone.  I don’t follow someone else’s templates. I design a bespoke, perfectly engineered programme for each of my clients to get them the results they want.  From a single strategy session to ongoing support.  My sessions range from 30 minutes upwards to 3 hours and more for deep dive, rapid results.

I am one of life’s improvers and I aim to provide world-class coaching and an experience that lives beyond the coaching programme.  The details and depth of thinking set me apart.  I never lost by doing more than…

I’m all about personal attention and confidentiality, you would have 24/7, 365 WhatsApp access to me throughout the coaching or mentoring process. And, my vast worldwide network would become your network of trusted advisers.