Business Netwalkers helps you improve your wealth and well being whilst growing your network.  There are many benefits of walking and talking business with like-minded people including:

  • Enhances mental performance and improves well being

  • Being physically fitter reduces risk of chronic health conditions

  • Hearing information whilst walking makes learning easy

  • Talking and collaborating with a diverse range of people creates deeper connections and unexpected opportunities

  • Growing your network whilst outside in nature strips away any perceived business hierarchy


Our aim is to improve the wealth and well being of our business community.  Walking is the perfect first step and you can choose from four types of walks:

Types of Walks

  1. Short, bite-sized City walks which are the perfect opportunity to get up from your desk, stretch your legs and connect with amazing people.

  2. Short rural walks that are close to town and connected to nature.

  3. Longer walks in stunning countryside featuring hills or beaches.

  4. Private walks perfect for walking, talking business either one to one coaching, or group training or enhancing employee engagement.

Whichever route you choose you'll find all these benefits:

~ Networking on the move
~ Light exercise
~ Learning something new
~ Meeting new people
~ Stimulates your brain and feel energised in the afternoon
~ Coffee and food supporting a local independent
~ Encourages you to do something different


7 August 2020

Chester City Centre

Our aim is to get Chester''s business community up from their desks and walking more.

You'll meet like-minded amazing local business people and make valuable contacts.

As with all our walks, we include nuggets of business tips to help you grow your business as well as sharing local knowledge. But mostly, this walk is about stimulating conversation, gentle exercise to energise your mind and body ready for your afternoon.

Meeting Place: The Cross, Chester. We'll meet from 11.45 am. Our walk starts at 12.00.

After introductions, we'll take a leisurely pace through Chester, taking in The Walls, The Canal , The Park and River before returning to The Cross at 1.00pm.

Focus:  Resilience & Rebuilding is the topic of our business and personal growth and our walk will include useful snippets.

Departing Place: After our leisurely stroll, we will arrive back at The Cross where you can join us for a cuppa and perhaps even some food. (Subject to current Government Guidelines).

We hope you can join us as we continue to encourage our business community to be healthier and wealthier, enjoy networking on the move and grow!

21 August 2020

Woodside Wirral, Merseyside

This is our first event on the Wirral and we're taking a gentle walk along the banks of the River Mersey.

Meeting Place: We ask to meet outside Woodside Lighthouse from 10.45. We'll be starting our walk at 11.00am.

After introductions, we'll take a leisurely pace along the river front where we will give people ample time to talk about their business.

Focus: We like to share snippets of useful information for business and personal growth and the theme of this walk is Resilience and Rebuilding.

We'll be sharing practical hints and tips you can use straightaway to make a difference in your business.

After our leisurely stroll, we will arrive back at Woodside Ferry Village where you can join us for a cuppa and perhaps even some food. (Subject to current Government Guidelines).

We hope you can join us as we continue to encourage our business community to be healthier , wealthier and enjoy networking on the move.

About Business NetWalkers

Business NetWalkers help you feel better and do better business.

Encouraging people to walk with the purpose of improving personal and business performance has positive health and well being benefits including:

Mental Performance and Well Being

Businesses are built by people who have enhanced cognitive ability and a strong level of creative thinking and resilience.  Exercise is proven to enhance our mental well being.  The mental clarity that is created as you are rhythmically striding and talking affords you the much craved for headspace.  Without mental effort you gain a fresh perspective on problems that have been occupying your mind.

NetWalking offers many aspects of creating your own enhanced well being and plays its part in mastering the art of being human in business.  The physical exercise releases feel good endorphins, there are the benefits of a period of time of enforced digital detox, shared experiences, social interactions and the time to reconnect and get closer to nature.  All in all NetWalking creates a perfect recipe that works wonders for a healthier mind and wealthier business.

Physical Fitness

The human body is designed to move.  Nowadays most office workers spend far too long sitting at their desks.  Public Health England recognise physical inactivity is bad for us and recommend at least 2 hours activity of standing or walking each day.  Physical inactivity is dangerous for our health.  Even a short brisk walk of 10 minutes each day has been medically proven to reduce the risk of early death and lowers type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and dementia.

Working doesn't mean you have to work long hours sitting.  Discover a healthier way of working.  Healthier and fitter people take less sick days and productivity is higher.

Knowledge Sharing

We love to hear "I didn't know that".  Human being thrive through curiosity, knowledge and learning.  Often the greatest lessons in business come from an unrelated activity or a chance conversation.  Both are in abundance with Business NetWalks.  Whether you are exploring in the remote hills, deep in a forest or immersed in a city, we make sure education happens easily and naturally - just like child's play.

Talking and Collaboration

Business NetWalkers attract a diverse range of people, eager to walk and talk.  From people who have just started in business to CEOs.  We attract people from all sectors, all ages and all fitness abilities too.  What we see is that walking creates a level place where people can talk and share experiences for mutual benefit.  Away from the usual business environment and out in the great outdoors, people are naturally themselves and connect through deeper conversation creating wonderful and often unexpected opportunities.



Human beings crave face to face and social interaction.  It wasn't until the late 1970's and early 1980's that business networking groups started to show their face.  Their sole purpose was to gain business.  Business NetWalking brings a fresh, new approach to tired, unhealthy, old ways of networking.  When you're walking with fellow NetWalkers and offering a helping hand to cross a stream or simply walk side by side up or down steps, a deep, human connection is made which is far stronger and more powerful than any paper business card.

Being outside creates a different connection and dynamic and one that simply isn't found in a hotel based network.  Perceived barriers and feelings of intimidation melt away and irrespective of seniority nature is the greatest human leveller.  If you're new to networking, or a seasoned professional, why not try Business NetWalking for yourself?

In 2019 the Business NetWalkers walked over 595,000 steps improving mental performance, well being, physical fitness, knowledge sharing and growth in the business community.

About Gail

Throughout her career Gail has walked and talked with clients and her team.  She discovered at an early age the profound effect a walk outside has on mood and mind.  Coupled with her knowledge of psychology and neuroscience and business experience it was a just one step to invite and encourage business owners and executives to walk, talk and network.


Partnering with Business NetWalkers shows you and your business proactively support wealth and wellbeing and demonstrates your commitment to supporting our wider business community in a forward thinking, natural and sustainable way.  You can get involved in a variety of ways, from sponsoring and/or speaking at a single event to membership packages crafted for different sized businesses.  Improve your wealth and wellbeing one step at a time.  

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