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My washing machine button pings off. It’s a pesky nuisance, but I’ve got used to it!

I created a perfect little work around system and I’m smugly cool with that.

One day it’ll get fixed. I know that because it’s on my “to do” list.

Trouble is, everything on that list is… to do…

For goodness sake, it’s a tiny weeny little job. What’s stopping me?

This morning I made the decision. Sort it now!

Uhm, Err…

Next question was an easy shift to make.

“If this was a business, what could I possibly do to fix it?”

Less than a dozen little lines on a page later, I had the solution. And now, yippee, the washing machine fixing man is on his way.

But here’s the thing.

That little job became huge and problematic. Mentally I’d passed over it numerous times because of one thing…

I wasn’t clear!

And when I followed my “let’s get the job done” system I quickly discovered the 1 thing I wasn’t clear about.

It’s the same in business.

If you’re not clear about your outcome the resistance you’ll feel is so overwhelming it’ll keep you stuck to the spot. And maybe, just like me, you’ll keep your gaze firmly behind your mental blinkers of “this is hard, it’s too difficult”.

Rubbish! Utter Rubbish!!

When you get stuck remember the power of these 3 letters I often talk about – C. P. E.

Get Clear, make a Plan, then Execute.

And as the solution emerges, your fixed mind will be freed, your tension will melt and you’ll be joining me luxuriating in smugness of another job well done!

So, when I’m not around and you want to get unstuck, C. P. E.  is a great place to start.

If you want me around to show you how to make more money in your business just ask…