Business Mentoring for Clarity & Success

Your business is as unique as you, yet proven business methods and re-alignment of thinking transforms a business taking it up to the next level.

When a business reaches a plateau, it might be time to hire an experienced business mentor who delivers significant value to your business in overlooked areas.

Common overlooked areas include growth strategies, performance improvements, fixed mind thinking, even lack of sleep, poor hydration and jittery feelings.  Knowing exactly how to improve all business areas with a balanced and holistic approach boosts business and develops greater personal confidence.

Areas often covered in mentoring and coaching include:

  • Creating a step by step strategy and growth plan

  • Charging your worth

  • Being seen as the expert/specialist in your field

  • Filling empty spaces in your diary

  • Creating clarity and attracting your ideal clients

  • Creating guilt free time for you

  • Being true to you

  • Continuous client attraction systems

  • Putting your business on autopilot

  • Maximising opportunities within the business

  • Mindset, heartset and soulset

  • Rebalancing body and mind

Initial Consultation

Finding the person who can help and support you to solve your current challenge and move your business forward is important.  I offer an initial 40 minute complementary consultation so we can assess whether we can work together and whether I can provide you with the solution to your challenge.

During this telephone session you may talk with me in confidence (a NDA will be provided) about the changes you wish to make and why they are important to you.  You will experience both my directive and non-directive style of coaching or mentoring.  Towards the end of the session you will know if you would like to work with me to help you develop excellence and grow your business.

This session is without obligation and is complementary.

Mentoring Sessions

Borrow My Brain - this is a one time, one hour telephone session to solve a specific problem you require help with.

Surge - 3 hours face to face strategy session where we focus on creating a step by step strategy to achieve your goals

Boost - 4 sessions telephone or face to face each of one hour to keep you moving forward and maintain your momentum.

Unlimited - 12 months unlimited telephone support.

Change how you feel

See the results in your life and business

Arrange your initial complementary consultation

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