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Discover what happened when a prisoner did 1000 press-ups, 1000 step ups and then 1000 burpees… every day

That exercise routine was the foundation for John McAvoy to become a World Champion Indoor Rower.

The thing was, John followed his passion for health and fitness, loving the burn of exercise.  He had no idea that he was a good rower.

A prison warden spotted his talent, and as the saying goes… the rest is history.

What’s fascinating is that John is no different to many people running a business.  They often don’t know how good they are at their chosen profession.

Usually it takes someone else to spot the opportunity and amazing talent.

Every day I see remarkable skills and ability with my clients that they simply haven’t appreciated.  And that gives me the opportunity to help them find their ideal clients so they earn the money and get the rewards they so rightly deserve.

Want help to discover your route to world class reputation with your clients?  Here’s the easiest way