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An essential part of growing a successful business is creating the plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be.  And yet, most businesses do not have a living business plan.

Many business owners remember creating a business plan to support their financing from the bank.  And now, they turn pale at the thought of creating a plan for a business they know so well.  Very often they think the creation of a business plan will create a complex document that would be better suited to large organisations with hundreds of employees.

However, a living business plan isn’t all about the numbers.  It’s just as important to consider how you’re going to communicate your message to your potential marketplace.

So, a business plan is as complex as you, the business owner wants to make it.  And, the crux of it – it’s your personal road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  It’s about making sure you accomplish your personal and business goals.  It’s about making sure the excuses are banished to the past and you create the business you really want.  Typically the most effective business plans are clear and simple.

The easiest way to create your business plan is to decide what you want to achieve.  When you’re clear about that work backwards from the end.

Consider how much you want to earn and work out how much work you need to do.  Is is feasible?  Then work out how much marketing you need to do to create the work.  How many people do you need to speak to.

The key is to create a system for your marketing, so it’s on autopilot bringing you your clients and your work when you want it.  Without a plan and knowing your marketing, communication and conversion numbers it’s impossible to create a system.

Your plans could include visiting networking events – but make sure your target market is where you’re spending your time.  You may telephone existing clients, create a systematised referral strategy, build your potential client list, post on social media or even give talks to groups.

As with any marketing activities it’s important to schedule and plan ahead.  Again, keep it simple.  Decide your activities and write them in your calendar.  As soon as it’s written down, it works.

Remember to review your plan regularly.  And there isn’t a hard and fast rule as to how often.  You may reach your goals faster than you thought possible and need to review more regularly.  The important point is to read your plan often and continually schedule the activities that take you, step by step close to achieving your goals.

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