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The main role of a Transformational Leader, whether a leader of a large corporate, a family run business or leading your own solopreneur business, is to breathe new life into the organisation. 

Viewed from the traditional leadership perspective the new life revolved around making people more like machines.  However, the role of a transformational leader as well as delivering tangible business results, is to elevate human energy. 

Many leaders have tried and failed to improve working conditions with silo wellbeing initiatives, however the transformational leader knows long lasting change comes from the spirit of people. 

The transformational leader recognises people do amazing things.  It is their role to empower and channel people’s greatness into energy that serves both the internal and external clients of the organisation.

Unlocking vibrancy

Vibrancy is the spark that ignites spirit within everyone.  But, it is often veiled by the daily grind of delivering results.  The transformational leader taps into vitality settled beneath the surface of everyone, create conditions for emotional transformation.  They lead people in a practical and soulful journey on the pathway of creating a vibrant, high performing organisation where people are happy at work and clients want to buy. 

The results?  Thriving people and a thriving organisation.

But, where do we start?

First, the leader decides to transform the organisation.  They see the potential.  They focus on the development of soulful leadership that leads to transformation. 

Take Small Steps

As a leader exploring Transformational Leadership, take small steps and evaluate. 

First watch your own thoughts and behaviours and how people react to you at different times.  Then choose to make a small change and watch people’s reactions.  Here’s a quick example of the smallest of changes that had massive impact on team performance and culture.

I was working with a new leader who had been promoted to lead.  He was experiencing huge pressure and working long hours.  He was

A new leader I was working with was feeling under pressure.  When the leader went for a coffee he walked through an office of 20 or more employees to the coffee machine.  The atmosphere instantly changed to one of fear as soon as he stepped into the office.  I encouraged him to do two things, exhale slowly as he walked into the office and secondly change how he walked.  The transformation was instant.  Instead of people keeping their head down, they carried on with their work, looked up and smiled.  That was literally the first step on the journey of transformation for that leader.  From then on productivity improved, sales sky-rocketed and the company delivered record breaking results. 

With the right change at the right time transformation happens in an instant. 


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