Borrow My Brain

Nobody achieves success on their own.  And nobody builds a great business on their own.

Got a question?  Struggling with a thorny business or marketing challenge that keeps going round and round in your head?  Not sure where to turn or who to ask?

I can help!

Now you can Borrow My Brain for one hour on Zoom or telephone.

Ask me anything about growing and running your business.  Anything at all.  We’ll spend a whole hour talking through your challenges and create a plan and actions you can take to solve the problem and move your forward.

I'll analyse the problem and reverse engineer the solution.  Then you can confidently implement the solution.

And what’s the investment to access my brain containing everything I’ve learned from running 4 of my own businesses and solving business problems for other business owners for over 20 years?  Just £195.  Is that all?


And, I’ll give you the recording of the call too.  You can listen again and again discovering the nuggets to move your forwards.  Because I know when we have the great conversation you’ll hear great idea after great idea.  Each time you’ll think I’ll do that, what a great idea!

And then, back at your desk your mind will go blank.

The nugget, the key to transforming your business will have slipped away.  And because I know how the mind and the brain works, I’m making sure that doesn’t happen to you.

You’ll have access to all the good stuff we talk about for ever.

So, if you have a question running around your mind, you can Borrow My Brain for one hour.

Your next step is to simply click on the PayPal Buy Now button, tell me who you are and I’ll get you booked in.

As soon as you’ve paid through PayPal you’ll go to my booking page where you will be able to:

1.  Choose your Borrow My Brain date

2.  Choose your time slot

3.  Tell me your name and ask your question

4.  You’ll receive an email confirming your appointment – please, please add it to your calendar.

5.  You’ll receive an email reminder 24 hours before our call and a text message 30 minutes before our call.

6.  After the call, I’ll send you an email with a link to the recording.


Sounds good?  Great.


Speak soon,


PS  If you ask me something I can’t answer, I’ll cancel your appointment and immediately refund your payment.  And, to help you sort out the problem, I’ll refer you to someone who I know can help.

PPS  If during our call you don’t think I’m helping I’ll refund your money.

PPS  Will I refund your money after the call if I don’t tell you what you want to hear?  No I won’t.  The two reasons are:  Firstly, you will have borrowed my brain and had access to my extensive experience and broad knowledge.  Secondly, I’m not a “yes girl”.  If all you’re looking for is someone who’ll agree with why your stuck, and talk about why things are bad, then I’m not your girl.

If on the other hand, you want out of the box thinking where fortune favours the brave, you want to grow your business or want help to solve a problem, I’m in.  Fill in your details, pick your date and let’s get on with it!