Body & Business

Putting Your Health First 

Taking a step forward and championing your body's natural ability to solve business challenges 

At the heart of business transformation is human transformation.

And at the heart of human transformation is mind, feelings and breath.  Master your inner world to transform your business.

All my treatments have the benefits of deep wave sleep and focus on "mission unplugged".  Most business leaders are plugged in and become overstimulated.  Research reveals regular internet and device users experience twice the amount of activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain as infrequent users.  High levels of activity are classed as hyperactivity in this part of the brain and is linked to anxiety, poor concentration and sleep disturbances.

When we are ready to take our businesses up to the next level we must first upgrade our own personal thinking and feelings, which means we must rediscover how to calm our mind and brain.

All of my treatments counteract the negative effects of stress and hyperactivity through neuroplasticity by stimulating and increasing growth in the parts of the brain that regulate cognitive and executive function and emotions.  Yoga Nidra is particularly useful and helps the brain to calm and heal naturally.

Body & Business is exclusively for my business leader clients who find themselves stuck at the hidden edge of growth.  Working with deep focus to nurture feelings for the future growth.

I am qualified and insured to deliver the following therapies:

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Reiki (Qualified at highest level as Reiki Master)

  • Ancient Tibetan Yoga Massage

  • Thai Foot Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

Find the hidden business blocks you are currently experiencing and how they make you feel.  Then using therapeutic complementary therapies we release and dissipate feelings that hold you back from achieving your business goals.  We find solutions for your business challenges and align your feelings and thoughts to your desired business growth outcome.  This is the ultimate way to overcome nagging negative thoughts and be fully supported to grow your business.

Understanding and harnessing the healing power of connection and touch in the business context.  People describe me as an alchemist combining the transformational and synergistic power of thought, feelings and action.

My life's work has centered around optimising life and business.

Body & Business is a unique, holistic approach to business growth.

At the heart of your business is your body, your mind and your brain.

It's not a lack of knowledge or capability that stagnates business growth, but thoughts and feelings.  Self limiting beliefs, fears and worries are to blame for shelved projects and languishing goals.

Body & Business provides combined complementary health and business mentoring support so you feel calm, confident and courageously grow your business.

Focused therapeutic touch, especially through your feet and working with your subtle body energy system can rapidly heal stresses and strains helping you to become more relaxed, focused and ready for your next business adventure.

Gail is a leading business psychologist, accredited business growth specialist and qualified at the highest levels of complementary health.  As a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Ancient Yoga Massage Specialist and Yogi she intuitively utilises every resource at her fingertips to release hidden blocks and maximise the growth of your business.

Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra?  It is the most powerful way of communicating with your unconscious mind!  

Practiced lying down, your body enters a sleep-like state allowing tension to systematically release from your body and worry or anxiety clear from your mind.  A deep state of relaxation generates positive feelings where the mind can refocus.  Your only effort is lying down and resting.  Your parasympathetic nervous system is treated to deep, profound and systematic relaxation.

If your mind is always thinking Yoga Nidra is the most powerful alternative to meditation.  Helping your mind stay effortlessly focused, whilst you experience the profound benefits of calmness melting away any feelings of stress.  

Duration: 60 minutes

Reiki Energy Healing Therapy

Gail is a Reiki Master and specialises in the releasing stresses of business people.  

This ancient energy treatment takes around an hour, yet has the beneficial equivalent of feeling like three or four hours sleep.  It is a treatment that can be enjoyed by anyone and is particularly helpful for reducing feelings of stress or anxiety.  Reiki also soothes emotional problems, releases fatigue and is beneficial for people who many be experiencing mental anxiety.

Reiki is now being used in conjunction with oncology and haematology treatment in hospitals and has been used extensively in the care sector.  Reiki treatments are always beneficial and help activate the body's own innate ability to heal.

Used in the business context, it enables psychological and neurological blocks to be released helping to free the mind from cluttered thoughts and the body from tense feelings.

Duration: 60 minutes

Ancient Tibetan Yoga Massage

Ancient Yoga Massage is an extraordinary method of realigning the body originating in Kathmandu.  The fully clothed massage simultaneously works on your body, mind and your emotions.  Often called "yoga for the lazy" you will receive the benefits of yogic stretches.  Ancient Yoga Massage works to release every tension or discomfort in your body.  You will feel a release of limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.  You will start to feel more like your true self and rekindle your zest for life and your business.

Duration: 3 hours (2 hour massage plus pre and post consultation time)

Reflexology or Ancient Foot Massage

Ancient Foot Massage pre-dates reflexology and is both a precise point and stretching massage which stimulates the points promoting general health and well being.  A personalised massage focuses on changing the feelings that are no longer supporting your business growth.

Reflexology is often used for stress relief, yet when used in conjunction with business psychology and an understanding of neuroscience, the power ato change can be used to help business owners overcome whatever is holding them back.

Regular foot massage significantly improves productivity, reduces stress, helps cure headaches and gets rid of insomnia.

Duration: 45 minutes


Discover simple and effective meditation practices to incorporate into your everyday working life.

Practical meditation focusing on how to turn daily business tasks into mindfulness or meditation opportunities.

Discover why busy business minds find it difficult to meditate and what you can do instead. 

Can incorporate the power of breathwork, walking  and the art of being human in business. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Personal Yoga Experience

If you have ever thought about going to a yoga class, but felt you didn't know what to do, then my personal yoga experience is perfect.  

Discover how simple yoga postures can improve how you sit, sleep, eat and work.  

This is a personal experience for people who wish to explore yoga in private.  It is ideal for people who would like to have a yoga taster before attending a class.  It's an opportunity to practice simple yoga poses and ask any questions you have about yoga.  

Duration 60 minutes

Body & Business Consultation - Half Day

Tailored time for you and your business.

The half day includes:

  • Initial business telephone consultation to discover what you would like to work on

  • Holistic treatment to destress your body, relax and refocus your mind.  Treatments are personalised to you and may include reflexology, Thai foot massage, Reiki, Ancient Massage, mindfulness techniques, breath work, meditation or Yoga Nidra.

  • Face to face business strategy and mentoring session.

  • Follow up telephone consultation.

Body & Business Retreat For A Day

Is it time to rethink your business, plan your next chapter of growth or ponder what's working and what's not?  Spend a day in the beautiful Cheshire or North Wales countryside.  Free your mind, discover business possibilities.

Retreat for a Day is tailor made for you.

We may walk and talk, sometimes sit and ponder using the gift of the natural world to allow new ideas of inspiration and insight to emerge.

You may like to include a relaxing holistic treatment and spend time focusing on you and your business goals.  You may choose to talk through all your business ideas, what's blocking you and leave with a step by step plan of precisely what to do to achieve your hopes, dreams and desires.

The purpose of Retreat For A Day is to give you breathing space, time to take a small step away from your business, reflect and refocus.


All Body & Business treatments are conducted at a private and discrete location in the Chester countryside.  Upon booking you will receive directions to the dedicated location.

You can enquire and book your consultation here.