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Are you clear about what you really want?

Because if you are not, the question of how to create it doesn’t arise.

You may have heard many people ask for something and hey presto, as if by magic they get what they asked for. On the other hand, people say they really want something, but they never receive and they continue to struggle.

Here’s The Secret To The Power Of Clarity:

Let’s say you want a new car that will cost £50,000, but in your head, you hear the words “That’s not possible”. Immediately your brilliant mind will tell you all the reasons why you can’t have a new car.
The moment you hear in your mind “That’s not possible” you are also creating feelings of “I don’t want it”
Feelings are stronger than thoughts.

So, on one level you are creating and on another level, you are destroying.
You have successfully created conflict within your own being.

Why do we destroy the idea of what we say we want?

People who think a lot, particularly when their job requires them to think a lot, often struggle to ask for and receive what they want.

The job of the thinking mind is to… think!

People who have control of their minds and who can create moments of calm and can stay single-pointedly focused on their desires are more likely to receive and get their goal.

The moment you create internal conflict you create angst, unhappiness, stress and dis-ease.

If you are at all unhappy, the only reason is that life is not happening the way you want it to unfold

If life is happening for you the way you want it to, then you are happy.

So, logically for you to be happy, the only step you need to take is to create your life to make you happy.

How you feel and how you think holds the key. How much focus, how much stability and how much reverberance is there in your thought process?

How much thinking space do you give yourself for creating new thoughts for your future life? This level of thinking will determine whether your thought will become your reality or just another “great idea”.

This level of focus, thinking, and being is the key to uplevelling your life and business to where you want it to be.

Clarity is visceral. It is the feeling that creates the thought that propels you forward to take the right actions that give you what you wish for.

Next time you really want something, create time and space to align your feelings and thoughts with your desired outcome and strive single-mindedly until you reach your goal. 

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