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Yup, today is #NationalSuperheroDay and an opportunity to imagine how superhero powers could help you grow your business.

Every superhero possesses superhuman powers.  Yet behind the mask they are vulnerable and are prone to weakness.  Just the same as business owners and leaders.

Superhero’s know battles are won using x-ray vision, applying a well thought out strategy and dodging the villains.  What could be truer in business!

And, they know huge leaps are dangerous – even fatal – to be avoided at all cost for fear of cataclysmic death.  Stay alive and thrive with the essence of these Superhero powerful weapons…

Tiny Key One

Superhero’s win the day by playing a game most businesses overlook.

They may appear to take huge leaps forward, but look twice and you’ll discover a different story.

They continually take small steps.  They play the incremental game.

Continuous small improvements are key to improving business efficiency and profitability.  By rigorously applying the continuous improvement model – I call them Tiny Tweaks – goals are rapidly achieved and businesses transformed.

Watch Out for the Trap Door…

The incremental approach on its own will not win your business battle.

No single strategy will.

Business growth blooms from a beautiful fusion of focused, purposeful strategies.  A toolkit of carefully honed weapons and personal inner mastery is something that every Superhero possesses…


Knowing what to do is one thing, having the mental strength to withstand every difficulty that stands in your way is another.

The easy route is to keep doing what you’ve done and getting the results you’ve got.  It’s only when your heart sings so loudly that your mind wakes up and you are galvanised into taking action that the magic happens.  But you need something else too…


Your deep belief and faith that you can absolutely, totally and completely trust your thoughts, plans and actions and those of everyone around you.

Let confidence waiver for a second and the sabotaging villains of your mind will stop you in your tracks and push you back to the familiar place you’ve come from.

On the bridge from where you are to where you want to be there is only one way forward… take the step, even the smallest of steps to achieve.  The change in your brain chemistry will propel you forward and reward you with the evidence of growth fuelling your unstoppable superpowers.

Embrace Competence

Every day people tap on their keyboards, their fingers the conduit for their thoughts, hopes and desires.  Their inner world constantly on the edge of subconscious feelings of fear and creating ways to earn enough, do enough, be enough.

Gazing out at a screen and virtual world there is a constant reminder – “not good enough” and the steely strength to fight prevails.

Heart racing, breath stopping moments that crush our latest, greatest plan to conquer.  Sitting, resisting the adrenalin fuelled feeling to run, consciousness reclaims the command: “BREATHE”…

Surely the win of the latest business breakthrough doesn’t depend upon something as fragile as a social media post?

The synergy of business success comes from everyone in your business feeling the excitement of achieving and continually taking action doing what they are really good at.

We all have our individual talents and are masters of our chosen tools.  Batman would be perplexed at Wonder Woman’s indestructible Bracelets of Victory, yet has pinpointed Superman’s weakness and honed a spear of pure Kryptonite.  A great lesson for us to play and use what we are really good at.

Moments of Transformation

It happens in an instant.

It can’t be thought and planned.

It is a feeling, usually born from fear of a loss, that propels us forward at lightening speed to change direction and put us firmly on a course for our daily actions to serve our business destiny.

In a flash there is transformation.  Outdated attitudes, beliefs and paradigms dissolve in a pool and evaporate before our eyes.

Our world has changed.

Our business leaps forward.

Somehow, something happened.

It seems magical, as if a bubble burst and was replaced by a newer, brighter way of being that makes life worth living and business worth doing.

Purposefully thoughts turn to “Tiny Tweaks”.  But it’s different this time.  Now there is clarity, laser beam focus and growth.


Contact me gail@brand9test1.co.uk and discover how you can polish your indestructible Bracelets of Victory or sharpen your spear of pure Kryptonite.  You’ll breakthrough your business blockages and see how to make more money.