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The areas I can help you with include:


Peak performance/ optimising your potential

Self discipline/ overcoming procrastination

Stress reduction/ preventing burnout

Time management/ motivation

Sandwich generation pressures

Transforming emotional pain

Life changes and transitions

Productivity/ taking action

Mindfulness/ Meditation

Confidence/ self belief

Personal development

Creating inner wisdom

Living a balanced life


Relaxation/ Self-love

How to have it all

Gaining clarity

Personal value

Sleep quality






Revenue optimisation strategies

Achieving strategic objectives

Accelerating business growth

Expert positioning strategies

Neuro-marketing strategies

Sales & marketing strategy

Family business dynamics

Pre-eminence positioning

Work stress & overwhelm

Improving wellbeing ROI


Emotional Intelligence

Positive Impact Points

Communication skills

Maximising potential

Leadership coaching

Charging your worth

Root cause analysis

Time management

Referral marketing

Work/ Life Balance

Public speaking

Exit strategies



What Others Say

I have had the most incredible, life changing sessions with Gail Biddulph, uplifting my mind, body and spirit. If you are looking for abundance in all 12 spheres of your life this is the woman to talk to.

Gail is one of the most insightful and enlightened people I have ever had the honour and privilege of meeting. This incredible woman has the power and understanding to enable us as business owners to reach our true potential. A lot of the time, we hear buzz words, woo woo preachers and spiritual jargon that does not really integrate in our consciousness. Gail gives you the ability to think bigger, believe in yourself and your goals. In fact to reverse the patterns we make for ourselves which stem from a place that tells you, “you’re not enough”.

Well, thanks to Gail, for the first time in my life, I can say out loud I AM ENOUGH.

I hope to have a lifelong relationship with this incredible spirit and human being. Thank you Gail for changing my life.



We cannot live well unless we work well
We cannot work well unless we are well

Gail Biddulph