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Ideal implies you have a choice.  And yes, of course you do.

Thing is, you may not yet be choosing who you’d like to work with.

But, when you discover how to choose who you’d like to work with, business and life gets a lot more interesting and profitable too!

There’s an old saying I really like about service.  So keep this in mind when you’re carefully choosing your new clients.

There are 3 kinds of service…


But you can only pick two

GOOD & CHEAP won’t be FAST

FAST & GOOD won’t be CHEAP

CHEAP & FAST won’t be GOOD

There’s no right or wrong answer.

Sometimes people want fast, sometimes cheap and sometimes good.  It’s a matter of timing and personal choice.

And the marketplace you choose to work in depends on your purpose and the problem you solve.

Here are three questions:

  1. “Is your service fast, cheap or good?”
  1. “Do your existing clients describe your service as fast, cheap or good?”
  1. “Do your prospective clients want fast, cheap or good?”

As soon as you decide who you are, what service you provide and who you serve, your business growth will be so much easier because:

  1. You can talk to your prospective clients in words they’ll relate to
  1. You’ll know the biggest problems they want solving
  1. You know how much they will pay you
  1. You become more focused
  1. You know where your new clients hang out both off-line and on-line

And that means:

  1. You save time getting more of your ideal clients
  1. You get a better return on your marketing spend because it is targeted to your ideal clients
  1. You become the “go to” person and you stand out above your competition.

When you decide you’d like to be the “go to” person and stand out from your competitors, give me a shout.  I’ll show you how to be seen as that person.  You can discover more here.