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Have you ever thought about your competition and wondered why they seem to be doing better than you, even though you know your product and service is better than theirs?

Maybe you’ve even felt frustrated because you think you”ve lost sales to the competition

It’s just not fair, is it? 

Well, here’s one simple reason why…

They are better at marketing than you

They know exactly how to tell a captivating story, who wants to listen and how to package and deliver the story. Even when their story is mediocre, they’ll win hands down.

As soon as the best providers have the best marketing they’ll cheer and wave as they scoot past their competitors.  But until then, the merchant with the mediocre message will have a very profitable business.

If, in your heart you know your marketing could be better, what are you going to do about it? Let your competitors keep stomping past you?  I didn’t think so…

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Photo credit:  FaceMePLS / Foter.com / CC BY