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Today was the day I made a decision.

And, when a decision has been made at the deepest level of our being, there really is no turning back.

And here’s why I’ve made this decision which I’ll tell you more about later…

I’ve worked privately with people who run their own business for 18 years now – that’s a lot of people – so many I’ve lost count!  I show how they can build their business quicker, generate more profits, work with their ideal clients and even make sure their staff are playing nicely and doing what they should be doing!

I’ve also spoken at numerous entrepreneurial conferences, presented at seminars and run my own workshops.  Of course thrown in to the mix are the battle scars I share from running 4 of my own businesses in niches as diverse as health and wellness, automotive, fashion and textiles and legal services.

I speak and share my knowledge, skills and experience with the hope that even one message will help solve a pressing problem of somebody taking the time to listen.  And with the hope that somebody who is  good at what they do, but are stuck or struggling to attract the clients they need will find a solution so they can live the life of their choice.

But as good as the immersion in the learning environment is, sometimes people need to be boiled and pickled before they can see their route out from their problem.  The great intentions we leave conferences with fall by the way side as life gets in the way!  And, that means people stay stuck.

That leads me nicely on to my decision, what I’m doing and why.

I am sharing my views, ideas and solutions about growing businesses in a series of short videos.

I’m giving away these business growth ideas free of charge because I want to help business owners get more value from their marketing.  And, if you decide you want me to work with you, you’ll already know quite a bit about me.  And that’s really important, because we can’t work successfully with people we don’t know, like or trust!

And, something I’ve discovered is that often we know the answers to our problems, but we don’t know the questions to ask to unearth the nuggets of information to move us forward.

So, I’m here giving you a metal prod, opening up possibility thinking and showing you a different way to move forward in your business.

Because I know that what I’ll be sharing won’t be for everyone, her’es the deal…

What I share will work for every business.  But you must be serious about improving your business.  And you must have taken the decision to do whatever it takes so you finally live the life you want to live.  You have?  Fantastic.  Let’s get started and start taking some action.