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Accelerating Sales

How to get more clients, more easily, without even selling.

Most business owners want more profits, yet many leave thousands of pounds untapped in their business.  Don’t be one of those people. 

Discover the vital skills of knowing exactly where your untapped revenue opportunities are and the exact words to use every single time you want more clients and more profits. 

Accelerating Sales

Many leaders and business owners worry about getting more clients.  Yet some leaders know a way to consistently get more clients more easily without even selling.

People running a business are top of their game.  They know their area of expertise.  They were taught their skills.  But, they weren’t taught the vital skill of knowing the exact words to use every single time they want a new client.

Words are powerful.  And, in my Accelerating Sales Mentoring you will discover the strategies and exact words to use every single time to get more clients.

Accelerating Sales Mentoring Includes:

  • The 15 Magic Words to use to get more clients
  • The one word that transforms your mindset and boosts your results
  • From empty diaries to full diaries, higher rates and more profits
  • The single strategy that transforms conversations and positions you as the only person to help your prospects
  • Tailored methods to get the business results you want, make more profits every month whilst be authentically true to your values, heart and soul
  • The precisely tailored sales skills for each Soulful Leader who is serious about achieving their purpose, mastering their prospecting, working with and retaining more clients right away
  • How to charge your worth, feel good and work with people you love working with
  • How to feel confident in business network and referral meetings
  • The words to use so the decision-making part of the brain lights up and your prospect know you’re the one to solve their biggest problem
  • How prospective clients will beg you to work with them
  • Sales Map that takes you on your soul-aligned, prospecting and sales journey delivering the right results
  • Automatic referral system, including the words to say
  • How to feel confident in new client meetings
  • From tongue-tied to building rapport and trust instantly
  • How to take and retain control of every new client meeting, so you never leave thinking “I wish I’d said…”
  • How to help clients want to work with you and make the decision to buy with you selling
  • How to nurture your growing client base
  • Transform your mindset, soulset and business-skills set
  • And so much more tailored to your business

Accelerating Sales is for you if you...

  • Want more clients, but don’t like selling
  • Want a mentor who’s generated over £500m extra sales for her clients
  • Want higher revenue and profit in your business
  • Are ambitious and bright
  • Want to embrace more joyful work and get better business results
  • Want to expand your great work into creating a better world
  • Want greater internal clarity and focus
  • Want to feel more relaxed and confident when talking about your business
  • Want a proven framework that’s easy and makes sense

Why Accelerating Sales?

Leaders and Businss Owners need to continually expand and approach new marketplaces, explore different sales channels, develop new growth strategies whilst optimising Return On Sales & Marketing Investment and Lifetime Values of existing clients.  

It is difficult to research, create, develop a proven plan when you’re busy immersed working with existing clients.

Gail has helped thousands of professional through training, one:one mentoring and keynote speeches to develop Soulful Sales skills and accelerate revenue growth, delivering peace of mind to leaders and business owners.

Most business owners are really good at giving their clients excellent service and running their business, but struggle to acquire the right new clients on a regular basis. 

Gail can teach you how to get more clients and more revenue immediately – without selling.

In fact, many of Gail’s executive mentoring clients find at least 30% additional revenue within their business straightaway and fill their diary with new clients after their first mentoring session.  Discover the skills and exact words to say to get more clients quickly and easily.

Get the sales and business results you want

Make more profits every month and use Gail’s proven methods to get more clients, more easily, without even selling

What Other Leaders and Business Owners Say About Gail

Gail Biddulph – delivers!

In a world where so many people are only sharing what they’ve discovered by seeing others do stuff – what a refreshing change to see and hear someone who’s actually been there, done it, ridden the bike and has the T shirt!

Having seen Gail present her world-wise, proven methods I’ve seen the immediate (and long-term) impact on her clients and listeners.

If you’re looking to be more effective, make more profits or simply help your people reach their targets faster and easier than before, then call Gail – you’ll be delighted you did. I did!


Product Director

Since the restructuring and despite not having managed to hire the people we wanted to the … team in the last quarter of the financial year shot to the top performing slot…

Thanks for your help with making this happen.


Clinical Negligence Partner, East Anglia Law Firm

Feel Well. Lead Well. Live Well.