I've been fascinated by the habits and lives of successful people for over 15 years!

Earl Nightingale is a success in his own birthday suit!  He has shared hundreds of inspirational lessons as the Dean of Self-Development and I recommend you read anything he's written. He has guiding principles of life summed up in 8 words and here they are for you to ponder...

  1. Honesty - "If it's not honest I won't have anything to do with it"
  2. Workmanship - "Everything I do I will do to the best of my ability"
  3. Ambition - "It is the desire to do something and human beings are at their best when ...they are doing things"
  4.  Faith - "It makes everything work and is the driving power of our ambition"
  5.  Education - "The broader, the more comprehensive our knowledge, the better, the richer, the more interesting our lives become"
  6.  Charity - "The more we share, the more we get"
  7. Responsibility - "For ourselves and our lives. If something's wrong... chances are we're a big part of the problem"
  8. Courage - "Turns the darkness into bright daylight, problems into possibilities"