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7 Interesting Brain Facts

Over the years, great sages have taught us how our brain and mind affects our daily performance and the results we achieve.

The worlds greatest athletes know how a healthy body gives us a healthy mind.

And, to complete the trilogy of thoughts, research has proven how fit, healthy people perform better at work.

And, probably in our heart of hearts we know these facts.

Yet, when you’re stuck in the middle of a gargantuan problem, wondering how to fill your diary with fee paying clients or worried about how much you’re spending on marketing I bet the last thing you’ll think about is how your brain is affecting your actions.

Here are 7 Important Brain Facts I wrote about in my second book.  Next time you’re stuck with something in your business remember it is a block somewhere in your brain that’s caused the problem.

These 7 Facts are straight to the point and may remind you that “we are what we think.”

Interesting Brain Fact 1

Your brain is NOT fixed.  Because of something called neuroplasticity.

Your brain is mouldable and adaptable regardless of your age.

Whilst the research is not conclusive about whether we can grow new brain cells, what is clear is that we can make new connections.

That means whatever you might find is limiting you in the way you think, it can be changed.

Interesting Brain Fact 2

Your brain is perfectly formed and finely tuned to the human operating environment.  BUT…

It is the operating environment of 250,000 years ago.

Interesting Brain Fact 3

If you don’t take measures to help you deal with the problems that cause stress in the first place AND alleviate the symptoms of stress, it will affect YOU which means it will affect YOUR BUSINESS.

Interesting Brain Fact 4

Your brain will chemically reward you with dopamine for your achievements whether they are big and important or small and trivial.

Dopamine is addictive and to get your fix you will take the easy route – which is usually why you focus on the easy and simple tasks.  And like all addicts, you will justify your activity in spite of evidence to the contrary. 

Interesting Brain Fact 5

According to Noble Prize winning research, you have two systems of thinking

  • System 1: Fast, automatic, frequent, emotional, stereotypic, subconscious

  • System 2: Slow, effortful, infrequent, logical, calculating, conscious

 Important Brain Fact 6

Your thinking has the potential to be skewed by one or more of a number of cognitive biases.  In the business environment, the two biases that are most prevalent are:

The Certainty Bias – extreme confidence in your knowledge and/or opinion

The Confirmation Bias – to identify with information that supports your view 

Interesting Brain Fact 7

Understand whether you have a Fixed or a Growth Mindset about your Business.

If you have a Fixed Mindset then the journey will be much harder for you and you are much more likely to give up. 

Having a Growth Mindset will help you grow and develop quickly and be invigorated by the journey.

These 7 important brain facts are taken from my book How Your Brain Is Blocking Your Business And What You Can Do About It.

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