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Every business needs to be constantly seeking ways of attracting new clients.  Irrespective of the economic temperature there is still the need to attract repeat or new business.  You and I both know the success of a business is totally dependent on the number of people or businesses that are attracted to it and it makes perfect sense to carry on marketing.  Unfortunately, the marketing budget is often one of the first budgets to be slashed when the squeeze is on.  So, here are 6 ways you can continue to attract more clients even if you have a zero marketing budget.

  1. Convert Your Clients into a Loyal Army of Marketers

By far the most cost effective way to attract new clients in business is by having “devoted fans”.  Those clients who will sing your praises as soon as they hear that somebody is searching for somebody who is good at doing what you do.

In fact, all you have to do is to convert all your clients into a team of happy clients, and they’ll gladly market your services the way you want them to.  They’ll advocate your services and your business will start attracting even more clients.  Of course, there is a system for doing just that and it can literally double your business in a matter of months.

2.  Provide Unique Services

Your business is likely to be operating in a competitive market.  So, the services you provide must stand out from what your competitors are providing.  Standing out could be providing unique services, which are more appropriate to the needs of your potential clients.  By clearly defining your ideal clients as specifically as possible, you will know precisely what service you need to provide to stand head and shoulders above your competitors and become the natural choice.

3.  Make It Easy For Your Clients

Your clients need to have an easy time engaging with you.  By making the entire process easy for your potential clients, you can bring on board more clients, more easily, more often.

4 . Become the Expert

Ever wondered why businesses only hire experts?  Well, they do so simply because they want to have people who are experienced and can’t actually be depended upon to deliver a speedy and accurate solution. Becoming a visible expert you will attract more clients and because people are prepared to pay for expertise your profits will improve too.

5.  Grow Your Network

Network referrals can play a significant part of your business growth, but you have to continually grow your network.  It becomes important for you to improve your visibility and continually talk to different people, attend events or be an active participant in various online forums and communities.

6.  Be Vocal

Very often we can be self-effacing, but in business we need to shout about how good we are, the problems we solve and the value we deliver.  How else are your new clients supposed to know about the advantage you have over your competitors?  If a chance presents itself — be it on the social network or in your local restaurant, blow your own trumpet and let people know how good you are.

With a little imagination you can keep your marketing spend low and still attract more clients and boost your bottom line.

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