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For your clients to remark about you, you have to be remark’able – FACT!

If your clients are not remarking, then maybe they find your service as nothing more than standard… middle of the road or even mediocre

What really makes me giggle is you only ever see “high quality services” advertised, but who actually defines “high quality”? Well, irrespective of what quality service you think you deliver the acid test is with your clients, your customers and the punters who stump up the cash to buy from you. It’s only when they are delighted will they tell somebody else.

Ah, well, actually that last statement does have the flip side… if your service was poor the news would spread like wildfire and your reputation would be shot to tatters in seconds. Boom, end of business… goodbye!

Motivate Your Clients

If you are striving for your clients to tell people they know how good you are then you have to encourage them to do just that. There can be no question about anybody in your business. But for this to work, absolutely everybody has to be delivering an outstanding first class, consistent service – the same level you personally give all your clients

To gain momentum and create the impact you deserve think how you can provide an outstanding service to your clients so they truly feel as though they are travelling First Class. What would make your clients say “wow”?

My 5 Tips:
  1. Speed Stuns. Improve the speed and efficiency of your client service. Be more accessible by telephone, proactive and precise on your timescales. Remember “timely” cannot be measured. And what’s timely or quick to you may be different to your clients measure!
  2. Pick up the ‘Phone. Average people send emails. Outstanding people spend a few minutes preparing, make the phone call and then if necessary email confirmation of the key points of the conversation. Is this duplication? No. It is the most effective way to move matters forward and reach a speedy conclusion.
  3. Clarity on Costs. Your clients know your expertise will cost them money. And the better they think you are, the more they expect to pay! Be open, even in difficult circumstances, and go beyond any governing body requirements. Explain, in plain English, what the work entails and show how much it will cost. Say when you will update them and make sure you do and in plenty of time.
  4. Build Relationships. Even when the business appears to be transactional. First genuinely connect with your client, be enthusiastic and interested in them. Time invested in building the relationship will reap rewards in the future.
  5. Differentiate. Know that you give your clients something they cannot get elsewhere. It may be giving more than they expected or perhaps creating a solution combining the expertise of different people that sets you apart from your competitors.

With a little creativity of thought and knowledge gained from understanding your clients, you can quickly enable your clients to share your excellence and be remarkable.

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