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To get your business thriving, help yourself to my 46 Ideas To Grow & Transform Your Business Fast.  It does exactly what it says!

Every idea is taken from my business growth and transformation experience.  They'll give you ideas and strategies you can start straight away.

Action Points on every idea build a comprehensive and powerful set of resources you can refer to and keep growing your business.

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You can expect to find ideas, strategies and tactics including:

  • Why competing on price is business suicide! and what to do instead;

  • Why you should never, ever discount your prices;

  • Why you shouldn't get caught up in the world of instant gratification of "likes" and "shares".  They make zero difference to your business and I'll explain why;

  • Can you really make money whilst being yourself and doing what you love to do.  The answer is "yes", but there are some secrets to doing it the right way.  I'll share what to do;

  • You'll discover the psychology behind client attraction (I'm a business psychologist so understand why people do, or don't do what they do)

  • You'll see why multi-tasking robs you of thousands of pounds on your bottom line.

This compendium of ideas builds daily for you can be growing and building your business every day.

Every one of my 46 Ideas has an Action Point which means you'll be building a comprehensive and powerful set of resources that are designed to make your business soar.

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A lot of what I share is flies in the face of what the majority of business owners are failing to do.  And there's a reason.

You see more than 80% of service professionals and small business owners are at best getting by and some (too many for my liking!) are struggling.  And as the famous saying goes, if you keep doing what you've done, you'll keep getting what you've got!

So, if you want different results to what you're getting, you simply have to do something different.  These 46 Ideas work!

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