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Sometimes simple things in business can make us as tongue tied as a teenager asking for their first date!

And yet, phenomenal business success can come from being a master at the simple things.

One of those simple things is having a word of mouth referral system for your business.  And before we go any further let’s consider a few truths about word of mouth referrals:

  • They don’t just happen
  • They aren’t the result of luck
  • They aren’t difficult

Word of mouth referrals are the oldest and most natural way of sharing something that is really good.

Since I started working with businesses to help them with their business growth and marketing, I’ve shared my word of mouth referral process with thousands of people.

Fundamentally when you give a first class service to your clients they will want to share you with people they know.  So here are 3 steps to help you discover exactly what you want your clients to say about you to share your service with other people.

  1. What do your clients most often praise you for? You’re looking for the service that is the most remarkable and makes you stand above other people in your industry.  To help you start thinking in a slightly different way, write down at least 3 examples where you have recommended other people.   What was most outstanding?
  2. Consider how you can improve your service even more so that people will naturally refer you.
  3. When you know your service is good, consider how you could be proactive and ask for referrals. What would you say?

Referrals don’t just happen by accident, but when you decide how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy you will soon discover how powerful they are.

Like anything in business, different results only come from taking action.  So, I hope you take action on your word of mouth referral system.

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